Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR):  Learn to Manage Everyday Stress, Chronic Pain, and Illness More Effectively 

From January 21st to March 11th on Saturday mornings

Join us for on of two 8-week workshops taught online by Nina Paul on Saturday morning from 01/21/23 through the GW Center For Integrative Medicine. Participants will meet  for 2.5 hours once a week with one all day session.  Cost: $500.

What Is MBSR? MBSR is an evidence-based program developed by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. MBSR is not an alternative to medical or psychological treatments but is a complement to those approaches. MBSR is an instructor led program where you are guided in practices that you can use to manage stress more effectively. This path creates a space for more healing, vitality and joy amongst the demands and stressors of daily life. Why Is MBSR Helpful? Learning to practice MBSR can help you bring your mind back to the present moment – a key part of reducing stress and managing pain. You will learn meditation and gentle yoga practices in a supportive community and gain insights that will allow you to modify behaviors to better manage everyday stress and chronic pain.

What To Expect?

Participants will meet via zoom for 2.5 hours once a week with one all day (9am-3pm) session. Sessions will include:

  • Guided activities, including body scans, mindful yoga, stretching, and other
    movements to learn how to listen to your physical bod
  • Teacher-led instruction in mindfulness meditation practices
  • Exercises to improve awareness in everyday life
  • Interactive learning with group dialogue and mindful communication
  • Daily at-home assignments, reading materials and guided audio meditations.

Classes will run on Saturday Mornings from 9 am to 11:30am.  From January 21st to March 11th.

The all-day retreat will take place on Sunday, February 19th from 9 am to 3 pm EST. 

MBSR Orientation: January 14th, 9 am to 10:30am

Cost: $500

Please email info@gwcim.com for help with sign-up.

For questions about MBSR: contact Nina Paul, npmindfulcoach@gmail.com


Thank you so much for holding the MBSR class for all of us. It was truly a great experience and I have become more in tune with myself then ever before. My senses are aware of every noise, smell, and touch and I have even been able to feel when a friend is about to call me before the phone even begins to ring!   — Rupa

The MBSR class has been so transformative in helping to regulate my emotional states.  I can be very emotionally labilt at times.  Learning to be mindful and aware of the present, through formal and informal practices, has made me less reactive.  I think before I act, and my relationships have better because of that.  — Christina

I registered for the MBSR class in hopes of finding relief for the anxiety I was experiencing and my inability to sleep soundly at night.  The class provided helpful techniques that I now practice on a daily basis, which have reduced my overall feelings of stress and anxiety and helped my ability to sleep at night.  I now fall asleep each night feeling calm and relaxed.  I sleep deeply and wake each morning feeling rested and stress-free.  — Steve

Below is the recorded orientation class for those who cannot attend live zoom orientation.

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