Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course

MBSR online course (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction):  Learn to Manage Everyday Stress, Chronic Pain and Illness More Effectively  


MBSR: 8 Mondays evenings via Zoom in a small group


From April 22, 2024 to June 17, 2024, every Monday from 6:30 pm to 9 pm EST.

No class on Memorial Day.

All-Day Session will be held on TBD, 2024 from 9:30 am to 2 pm EST.

Instructor: Nina Paul

To register:  Eventbrite Link

What Is MBSR?

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is an eight-week program that uses mindfulness meditation to help people manage stress, anxiety, pain, and other chronic conditions. Offered in hospitals and clinics worldwide, MBSR is a secular approach that teaches participants to cultivate present-moment awareness and respond more skillfully to life’s challenges.

Why is MBSR helpful?

Learning to practice mindfulness skills can help you bring your mind back to the present moment – a key part of reducing stress and managing pain. During the 8 weeks participants will learn meditation, breathing and gentle yoga practices in a supportive community (group size is 10-15 people) and gain insights that will allow you to modify behaviors to better manage everyday stress and chronic pain.

What To Expect?

Participants will meet via zoom for 2.5 hours once a week with one all day (9:30am-2pm) retreat session. Sessions will include:

  • Guided activities, including body scans, mindful yoga, stretching, and other
    movements to learn how to listen to your physical bod
  • Teacher-led instruction in mindfulness meditation practices
  • Exercises to improve awareness in everyday life
  • Interactive learning with group dialogue and mindful communication
  • Daily at-home assignments, reading materials and guided audio meditations.

Cost: $550

Testimonials (2022-2023 courses) for MBSR online course: Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

“The course was an effective way to begin a practical meditation practice that you can carry forward in your life.  I can’t recommend it enough.”   -Dr. Mehret Mandefro, CEO Truth Aid, Spring 2023

“The MBSR class made an incredible impact on my mental wellness and life. The instructors are very knowledgeable and also truly compassionate. I had never found meditation to be approachable until taking this course”. – a participant, spring 2022

“This class surpassed my expectations. I came to the class because I was very stressed and overwhelmed with work and home challenges (on top of this pandemic). I have been able to relax, have learned how to respond to stresses, and it has made my life far less stressful than it had been. My husband has seen a big difference in my moods and how I interact with him. This is an amazing program! “- a participant, fall 2022

“Thank you so much for holding the MBSR class for all of us. It was truly a great experience and I have become more in tune with myself then ever before. My senses are aware of every noise, smell, and touch and I have even been able to feel when a friend is about to call me before the phone even begins to ring! ” — Rupa, 2022

“The MBSR class has been so transformative in helping to regulate my emotional states.  I can be very emotionally labilt at times.  Learning to be mindful and aware of the present, through formal and informal practices, has made me less reactive.  I think before I act, and my relationships have better because of that.”  — Christina, 2021

“I registered for the MBSR class in hopes of finding relief for the anxiety I was experiencing and my inability to sleep soundly at night.  The class provided helpful techniques that I now practice on a daily basis, which have reduced my overall feelings of stress and anxiety and helped my ability to sleep at night.  I now fall asleep each night feeling calm and relaxed.  I sleep deeply and wake each morning feeling rested and stress-free.” — Steve, 2021

Below is the recorded orientation class for those who cannot attend live zoom orientation.