Nutritional Counseling

The goals of Nutritional Counseling are to support each individual in meeting their health goals and to promote habits that lead to optimum health. Personal food records and lifestyle information, along with physical, clinical, and laboratory assessments are used to evaluate the patient’s nutritional status in relation to her or his health concerns and goals. The benefit of working with an integrative nutritionist is that the guidance a patient receives is individualized to support changes in each aspect of the foundational pillars of health- diet, sleep, movement, stress management, and relationships. Practicing healthful eating behaviors takes time and commitment and is enhanced with the support of family and friends, who are invited to take part in nutrition counseling sessions. In addition, virtual appointments are offered to improve access to support and make it easier for patients to take care of themselves.

Meet our practitioner: Ajowa Ifateyo, MSNIH,  Deirdre Orceyre, N.D., Marianna Ledenac, N.D.

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