ReCODE program

Dr. Kogan and his team at GWCIM offer most of the ReCODE program (The Dr. Bredesen protocol™ and the ReCODE Protocol™ ) for Alzheimer treatment via TeleHealth to new and existing patients.   

However, starting in May 2023 we may require ReCODE program patients from non-DMV area to present for initial visit in person at our office downtown Washington, DC.

About Alzheimer’s Disease (AD)

AD is  the most expensive and morbid disease of our times.   Most recent report by the Alzheimer’s Association points out that if we don’t change the current trend one in three older adults will die with AD.  Despite the fact that an effective AD modified metabolic approach already exists most experts won’t accept that AD can’t be cured by a single approach or medication.  Over 200 medications have been tried and failed as curative AD targets.

GWCIM experience with AD

Since 2008, Dr. Kogan has been applying a functional medicine approach to control underlying metabolic disruptors present in patients with AD.  By 2015 GWCIM team had successfully slowed down and reversed AD progression in several patients and began to develop methodological approaches to serving patients with this debilitating disease.  In 2017 Dr Kogan and his team members took one of the first courses taught by the ReCODE developer Dr. Dale Bredesen ( and received certification in the ReCODE program. Since becoming Bredesen’s certified practice they have demonstrated a number of successful cases of AD reversal; some of these cases were
published in peer reviewed journals.  For example:

At GWCIM we have treated over 60 patients utilizing ReCODE. Our program has been reviewed by GW University IRB and designated a “clinical program” that does not require formal IRB approval. Our team has completed ReCODE2 training. Age of our patients is a bit older than average in other ReCODE certified clinics in part because we do not restrict entry into our program. We have seen patients even with very advanced AD arrest progression. Our current statistics show that about third of patients improve, quarter progresses and the in rest we are observing arrest of progression and clinical stability. At this point some patients have been followed for over 5 years.

We highly recommend reading Dr. Bredesen books where he explains all
details of his approach:

We also invite you to listen to GW Integrative medicine podcast with Dr
Bredesen hosted by Dr Kogan:

Listen to Podcast



We encourage ALL interested patients to schedule a brief 30min consultation with Dr Kogan to outline the ReCODE program and design an individual personal implementation plan.

GWCIM team providing care for patients on Bredesen’s protocol:

We strongly advise all interested patients to join Apollo Health ReCode program  ReCODE Protocol – Preventing Cognitive Decline And Alzheimer’s ,  that provides community support, ReCode reports, cognitive training, access to advanced cognitive testing and much more.

The program outline

1. Starts with comprehensive 2.5 hr intake with dr. Kogan at which point all tests will be organized to assess for all key AD drivers.  These tests may include but not limited to: comprehensive cognitive assessment, brain imaging, blood work, and number of functional medicine tests.

2. Continues with 90 min follow up visits in approximately 4-8 weeks or when we have all test results.

3. Patients who have previously purchased a ReCODE report should schedule an initial 90min intake visit to start the work immediately.  However, it is possible that additional tests will be needed depending on what AD drivers have been uncovered.

4. We recommend genetic testing either immediately at the onset of working together or soon after. Patients have a number of options for genetic testing but we recommend most comprehensive through  InteLLxxDNA  which provides the most comprehensive detailed information.

5. In addition to CNS-Vitals and other cognitive assessments via we utilize recently validated online test called BOCA. This test is substantial improvement over current memory assessment standard test MOCA. Please review this study that we recently took part in: To access and set up your own account to do weekly BOCA tests follow this link:


$1500 initial intake that includes 2.5hours of ND/MD time
Coaching/Nutrition is $150/hour, recommended to sign up for twice/monthly 30min sessions for first 12 months at $1800.
Additional fees are billed as follows:
MD $600/h
Naturopathic consultations for hormones and other ReCODE issues $450h
Mold/Biotoxin consultations $450/h
Nutrition and Health Coaching $150/h
Weekly ReCODE Group Mind Body-Emotional support with psychologist – $100/month.
We offer all inclusive $12000 annual package billed at $1000/month that covers all visits which include the following: 
2 annual visits with MD
3 annual visits with ND
weekly group classes
twice monthly nutritional consults
cost of all supplements
cost of all admin expenses for labs etc
Program coordination
NOT covered costs: actual lab tests, imaging, cost of any additional equipment that may need to be purchased, cost of any dental care, or any other care not provided at GWCIM.  
This clinic DOES NOT participate with any insurance, including Medicare.
We offer telemedicine.
The program works closely in collaboration with GW University memory Clinic: where most insurances are accepted, but please clarify with your insurance first. 

Often the cost of dental work determines most of the cost of the first-year treatment. We use a wide referral network of trusted dental providers, and we do not partner with any specific dental practice to avoid conflict of interests.

All visits are billed as a fee for service and highly personalized.  ReCODE program visits are not covered by any insurances.  Please visit  “Fees, Cancelations, Insurance Page” describing GWCIM billing practices.

The GWCIM ReCode program is NOT a substitution for your Neurologist or Memory doctor.  If you don’t have one or would like to work with GWCIM affiliated program we would be happy to refer you to GWU
Memory Clinic.  Our patients benefit from GWCIM and GWU Memory Clinic close partnership which includes holding regular clinical meetings and exchanging medical records.  In contrast to GWCIM, GWU Memory clinic accepts most insurances.  Please inquire directly at (202) 741-2870 to ensure that your individual insurance is accepted by GWU Memory Clinic before scheduling the initial visit.

In addition we partner closely with GW Speech and Occupational Therapy program for those needing it.
Also please note that while GWCIM is closely affiliated with GW University and Medical Faculty Associates (GW MFA), and Dr Kogan is a full time Associate Professor of Medicine at GW MFA, GWCIM is operating as a separate business.

GWCIM ReCODE related Research

1. GWCIM ReCODE Program Assessment project with over 60 patient in the program. Publishing of the data is projected for 2023

Partnered with GW Office of Integrative Medicine to attract additional funds to improve assessment and bring low-income patients into the program.  Prospective donors: please, contact GW Office of Integrative Medicine

2. AlzLife Light Therapy research.

In 2020 GWCIM has been approved to begin the first open label trial of 40Hz Light Therapy for patients with early form of AD and Minimal Cognitive Impairment.  We are currently publishing findings of our study.

3. Microbiome assessment and modification as part of treatment of MCI and early AD.

We are clinical site of recently funded ground breaking study of assessing effects of microbiome optimization on MCI and early AD. Interested patients can contact GW Office of Integrative Medicine

4. Cannabinoids for AD assessment program.

Please note that Cannabis is a schedule 1 DEA controlled substance and currently reported to not
have any proven medical use. Given a large amount of preclinical data of neuroprotective and anti-neuro-inflammatory effects we have started assessing effects of different cannabinoids on patients with AD.  At present we have collected data on dozens of patients and are ready to start a controlled trial for patients in Maryland and DC. We discuss all observed and recorded effects with most of GWCIM ReCODE patients.

If you are currently not a GWCIM patient you will not be able to receive any counseling on this topic unless you schedule a 30min consultation with Dr Kogan to discuss cannabinoid therapies.  If you are a
prospective donor and interested in supporting this initiative please don’t hesitate to contact GWCIM.

GWCIM is welcoming additional clinical trial opportunities and encouraging interested patients, donors, and organizations to contact us with questions and suggestions.