NEW: The GWCIM Nirmal Goyal Cancer Fund

Oncology is the study and treatment of cancer.  When patients are diagnosed with cancer they are referred to an oncologist or a cancer specialist, who develops a plan of treatment. That treatment may include chemotherapy, surgery and radiation. The goal of cancer treatment is to remove the cancer or to limit its spread to other parts of the body. Western medicine has demonstrated great advances in fighting cancer, both  in curing patients and in extending the life of patients with the advanced disease.

Often a patient with cancer needs more than surgery, radiation and chemotherapy to maximize the chances of survival and to improve the quality of life. We find that other therapies, such as those that reduce stress, control pain, and offer support for the person undergoing treatment, are important complements to a traditional treatment. The Center for Integrative Medicine designs an integrative program of care for cancer patients that works hand-in-hand with a traditional medical treatment and enhances the patient’s wellness.

After seeing thousands of patients with cancer we developed a comprehensive program that aims at not only supporting patients through standard oncology treatments, which are often exhausting, but also at improving the treatments’ efficacy through evidence-based metabolic treatments such as those listed below.

Even for patients who have completed their cancer treatment, whether they achieved remission or not, the modalities of the Center’s integrative care plan can help restore a sense of control and quality of their lives.

Specifically, we offer the following treatments for cancer:

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