The GWCIM Nirmal Goyal Cancer Fund

GWCIM and the Goyal family are pleased to announce the establishment of The GWCIM Nirmal Goyal Cancer Fund. In honor of Nirmal’s remarkable life journey and in gratitude for her doctor Dr. Mikhail Kogan, all cancer and terminally ill patients seen by Dr. Kogan will be eligible for a small discount for every visit. Current and prospective cancer patients encouraged to apply for Nirmal Goyal’s scholarship by letting CIM staff including Dr Kogan know about their interest. 

The mission of this fund as described by Nirmal’s family is to “enable other cancer patients and terminally-ill patients to receive a reduction in the fees required to access Dr. Kogan’s expert and compassionate care through the George Washington Center for Integrative Medicine.”

Nirmal emigrated from India in her mid-life to join and support her two children pursuing higher education in the United States. She was a visionary, deeply committed to education, creative, always learning and exploring new fields, a banker and financial advisor, a lover of music, cooking and photography, and a passionate advocate for responsible citizenship and a healthy, resilient planet. Her family and friends remember her as a loyal companion and lifelong friend, whole-heartedly devoted to her family in India and the US, an upright, compassionate, wise and generous person, who loved selflessly and sacrificially, and who had a mesmerizing smile, cheerful laugh, and beautiful soul. She was a warrior in her fight against terminal cancer, going through it with courage, grace, and dignity, while believing in the power and science of plant-based and ancient healing methods– especially Ayurveda, herbal, and homeopathic medicine– as an integral supplement to conventional medical science for improving quality of life and healing of the whole body. Nirmal passed away at home on October 19, 2020 at age 72. She leaves behind her husband, daughter, son, daughter-in-law, and two precious grandchildren.

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