Virtual Open House: CBG benefits and uses. Friday, August 19th, 11am EST

GWCIM invites everyone to join our next Virtual Open House on August 19 at 11 AM where Rebecca Abraham, Abraham Benavides, and Mikhail Kogan will discuss the benefits and uses of CBG. CBG (Cannabigerol) is a minor cannabinoid that has recently taken the field of medical cannabis by storm. It has unique features that it can be used as both anti-depressant and anxiolytic, it can also be used for some unique applications like appetite stimulant and is not intoxicating similar to CBD. We will cover in detail the specifics of use, dosing, side effects, and also what brands we like. Also, we have reached out to our preferred vendors and hoping to get samples to raffle a few during the virtual house. You can participate in the raffle ONLY if you join our talk live. If you can’t make it we will be putting a recording on doctor Kogan’s youtube channel.