Mental Health Programs

Mental Health Care program is coordinated by Dr. Benjamin Bregman, a holistic psychiatrist and psychotherapist.

Our Mental Health Program may include:

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program

MBSR is an experiential learning program teaching you new skills for managing stress and pain. Learning occurs through the guided activities, and the interactions of the participants with each other and with the teachers. You are learning to recognize your own sensations, feelings and thoughts in times of difficulty in that way the seeds of healing and stress reduction can begin to take root.

We teach body centered skills to awaken awareness. The student does guided body scans, yoga and other meditative movements to learn how to listen deeply to the cues coming from the physical body in the present moment. The act of noticing or knowing what you are doing when you are doing it is awareness. Mindfulness is bringing the mind back to the present moment. Being present in the moment is central to reducing stress and managing pain.




and Functional Medicine