Nutritional Benefits Of Currants

Exploring The Nutritional Benefits Of Currants: The Under-Appreciated Berry Superfood

In a recent YouTube video, Dr. Kogan, an expert in Integrative Medicine, shared his  visit to Larriland Farm, where he highlighted the exceptional qualities of currants. Often overlooked, currants are a type of berry that deserves more recognition for their nutritional value. Dr. Kogan shared some facts about currants, including their high omega-6 content, abundance of vitamin C, potential anti-aging properties, and even their association with cancer research. Let’s delve deeper into the benefits of these underappreciated berries.

Nutritional Benefits Of Currants
Currants are the highest food source of omega-6

Omega-6: A Vital Nutrient

Dr. Kogan emphasized that currants are the highest food source of omega-6 commercially available in the United States. While omega-6 fatty acids are often associated with inflammation, it is crucial to understand that not all omega-6s are pro-inflammatory. Certain omega-6 fatty acids, such as gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) found in berries like currants, possess anti-inflammatory properties. The majority of the population in the United States is deficient in omega-6, making currants an excellent natural source to fulfill this essential nutrient requirement.

Vitamin C Powerhouse

Currants are also remarkably rich in vitamin C. They surpass many other berries in their vitamin C content, including popular choices like blackberries and raspberries. The higher vitamin C levels in currants contribute to their tangy flavor, making them less sweet compared to other berries. This unique characteristic can be attributed to the bitterness found in red currants, which may explain why they are often underrecognized.

Cancer Research Potential

Dr. Kogan mentioned intriguing research on the use of blackcurrant extracts for cancer treatment. While the evidence is not yet conclusive, several studies have indicated the potential benefits of blackcurrants in combating cancer. The specific compounds present in blackcurrants may possess anti-cancer properties, providing a promising area of exploration for future studies.

Anti-Aging and Longevity

Currants, particularly blackcurrants, are rich in pigments known for their ability to scavenge free radicals and promote longevity. These antioxidants help protect the body against oxidative stress, which is a significant factor in aging. By incorporating currants into your diet, you can provide your body with potent anti-aging compounds that support overall wellness.

Nutritional Benefits Of Currants
Dr. Kogan’s Larriland Farm allows viewers to see the currant bushes firsthand.

A Visit to Larriland Farm

Dr. Kogan’s visit to Larriland Farm allowed viewers to see the currant bushes firsthand. The red currants were showcased, distinguished by their small cluster-like growth pattern. The taste of red currants tends to be less sweet and slightly bitter, while black currants are closer to sweetness with a subtle sourness. The preference for black currants was evident, as more people were picking them compared to the red variety.

Choosing Currants for Your Health

While currants offer numerous health benefits, the decision to incorporate them into your diet ultimately depends on personal taste preferences. If you are looking to boost your omega-6 intake, increase your vitamin C levels, or explore the potential anti-aging effects of antioxidants, currants can be a valuable addition to your diet. You can find currants at select farms like Larriland Farm, where you have the opportunity to pick them yourself and enjoy their freshness.


Currants are a treasure trove of nutritional goodness that often goes unnoticed. Dr. Kogan’s visit to Larriland Farm highlighted the exceptional qualities of these berries, emphasizing their omega-6 content, high vitamin C levels, potential anti-aging properties, and connection to cancer research. By incorporating currants into your diet, you can reap the benefits of this underappreciated fruit and support your overall health and well-being.

Stay tuned for more YouTube videos from Dr. Misha Kogan. Try to prioritize your health and explore the wonders of nature’s nutritional offerings.