The Center’s education effort addresses the changing needs of practicing physicians and allied healthcare professionals, medical school students, and the general public.

The Center is the main clinical educational site for the George Washington University School of Medicine integrative and alternative medicine training.  Our doctors  give regular lectures and didactic sessions to medical  residents.  If you are a prospective patient at the Center, there is a good chance that students and residents will be observing during your visits with us, as is the practice in most teaching hospitals.  The Center’s main role is to address the needs of our patients and therefore we are very conscious and tactful at including learners into clinical visits.  Patients always can decline having  a student observe the visit.  From the years of experience we have learned that most patients enjoy having trainees present at the appointments.  Moreover, many patients have shared their healing stories with the medical students and residents.  The healing stories are powerful motivators for future health care practitioners who are  learning the value of a variety of healing modalities and approaches. Even though some trainees rotating through the Center will not choose a career that will actively employ some of our modalities and methods they learn to respect what we do and often refer patients to us.

In addition to educating future health care practitioners the Center frequently participates  in a variety of public and media events.


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