Therapeutic Yoga Consultation

Yoga originated in India as a spiritual practice, but has been secularized while spreading around the world. It is based on the practice of asana, or balanced postures, that build strength, flexibility and equilibrium. To enhance alertness, vitality or deep relaxation, yoga uses pranayama or breath control, as well as chanting, or sound. It is fair to say that the physical aspects of yoga, when practiced with proper alignment and coordinated breathing work, are therapeutic: the yoga strengthens muscles, aligns the spine, creates greater range of motion and flexibility, prevents and reverses many symptoms of degenerative conditions, including heart disease, diabetes and other chronic illnesses. Its physiological benefits regulate blood pressure, help balance the endocrine system, enhance fertility and memory, improve stress management, contribute to the innate capacity of the body to fight illness and infection, reducing headaches, pulmonary disorders, abdominal distress and painful joints. Yoga affects our biochemistry and can create a sense of lightness and optimism, alleviating symptoms of depression and anxiety that lead to eating and sleep disorders, anger, and disillusionment. By honoring the individual, the teacher builds upon strengths to help them blossom within what they perceive to be limitations. People then learn to see their potential and the power of limits, freeing themselves from feeling trapped, stuck, or hopelessly “less than” they were before.   Schedule an appointment.

Meet our Yoga Therapists:

Yael  Flusberg, C-IAYT, E-RYT500, RMT, MS

Dr. Jennifer Rioux (Ayurvedic Yoga)