Indoor Environmental Consulting by InSitu

Allergies, chronic respiratory issues, headaches and some other health problems can be caused by biological hazards present in a home or at a workplace. Mold is the most common malicious indoor biological agent. InSitu performs assessments of mold, pet and pest allergen problems, and sewage contamination in buildings. Inspections are conducted by Dr. Mikhail Sogonov, a mycologist with 15 years of experience in academic and industrial mycology.

The major difference of Dr. Sogonov’s approach compared to the common practice in mold inspection is on-site microscopy testing that follows visual examination and sampling. Onsite testing allows to obtain data immediately, and to make a decision on the need for and location of further  investigation. Dr. Sogonov’s approach accelerates the assessment process and avoids additional visits that often are needed if a laboratory analysis is inconclusive.

In addition to the onsite analysis, a confirmation of the findings can be obtained per client request from the AIHA or A2LA accredited labs. Dr. Sogonov does not conduct  mold remediation, thus eliminating a potential conflict of interest between the inspection and remediation services. The clients are offered  to view microscopic mold structures captured by a digital camera on the laptop screen.

The fee for a mold inspection of a single-family home is $600, but it may vary depending on the size of the house and the complexity of the problem. The exact price is based on a preliminary walk-through the building (up to one hour). If a client declines  the full inspection, a $100 fee is charged for the visit. Onsite analysis is included in the inspection cost. Outside lab analysis fees are extra and are about $35/sample.

If a homeowner is not ready for a full inspection but has noticed some discoloration on walls or elsewhere in the house and suspects that it could be due to mold growth, he or she can take samples and mail them to us for an analysis. We charge $15 per sample. Usually we process the samples and send the results within 24 hours of receipt.

To order a pre-inspection, please call us at 202.833.5055.

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Indoor Environmental Consulting by InSitu
Dr. Sogonov investigates every corner of the house