Holistic Primary Care

Are you looking for a Primary Care Provider? Are you no longer interested in seeing a doctor for a 10-15-minutes visit at which there is no time to address healthy living, such as diet, exercise, stress reduction, sleep, sexual health, social connections, and your spiritual beliefs? Please, consider our providers.

Your primary care provider is the one that knows you well and helps coordinate care with other providers if you need it. From the urgent care needs to managing complex chronic problems, primary care providers are able to work in partnership with you in developing optimal treatment strategies. We enjoy the process of developing close relationships over time and are able to manage the majority of your medical needs. We are your medical home. Over the course of last 14 years we have established large network of integrative medicine-friendly specialists who value what we do and often refer their patients to us. Many of these specialists are at the George Washington University hospital and are leading experts in their specialties. As your primary care provider, we will be able to find you the best possible specialist and facilitate timely consultations if such a need arises.  Schedule an appointment.

The following Primary Care Services are provided at our Center:

  • Full physical exams;
  • Comprehensive laboratory testing, including complete functional testing;
  • Gynecology care – please visit Women’s Health and Holistic Gynecology for description of available services
  • Filling out medical forms;
  • Prescription refills and authorizations;
  • Acute care visits. We are not an urgent care clinic but for our primary care patients we usually are able to schedule a visit within 24-48 hours;
  • Preventive visits to discuss nutrition, exercise, and stress reduction.

Please note, at the Center:

  • We do not do any imaging, such as an X-ray, but will happily refer you for imaging studies;
  • While we perform some procedures, many procedures will require a referral to a specialist;
  • We do not provide vaccinations but will refer for this service to the GW Medical Faculty Associates;
  • For hearing tests and dilated eye exams we refer to the GW Medical Faculty Associates.

Meet our Primary Care Providers: