Ayurvedic Weight Loss

Ayurvedic Weight Loss Program

An evidence-based Ayurvedic Medicine and Yoga Therapy 12 week Program for weight loss and weight maintenance was developed by GWCIM afilliated provider Dr. Jennifer Rioux.  Watch 15 min YouTube video explaining the program.

Jennifer is an Ayurvedic Doctor and certified Yoga Therapist in practice since 1999. Dr. Rioux has entitled the program Spiritual Metabolism™ to encompass the mind-body-spirit orientation which are hallmarks of the Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy paradigms. Wide range of Ayurvedic therapies will be tailored to the individual with ongoing patient engagement to support implementation.

Primary therapies are personalized according to to the patient’s constitution/ imbalance profile and included

  • Nutrition: personalized diet, strategies to enhance digestive fire and metabolism, reduce food cravings and avoidances, to increase self- efficacy around eating, and establish a qualitatively-oriented understanding of food that is judgement-free and focused on self-compassion and self-nurturing through nutrition.
  • Lifestyle and daily routine modifications:  to increase self- efficacy exercise,  establish habits under challenging circumstances,  implement Yoga.

A key component of the program is learning self-awareness practices that enhance adherence to changed behaviors and development of a sportive partnership with the Ayurvedic doctor/ Yoga Therapist.

Research Supported

Outcomes from a pilot study of Dr. Rioux’s protocol have been published in the peer-reviewed medical literature. Data demonstrates that at approximately 65% adherence to the combined Ayurveda/ Yoga protocol, patients lost an average of 3% of their pre-program body weight. A therapeutic threshold was identified, indicating that losing 3% of body weight during the program led to an average of an additional 3% weight loss in the six-month follow-up period.

In this program the Ayurvedic Weight Loss protocol, patient education and yoga therapy will be delivered via telehealth, making the program accessible to patients internationally. Patients will have the option to participate in data collection at their discretion. Those who participate in data collection will receive a discount.  Data collection instruments are designed to increase adherence to the protocol, leading to potential added benefit.

Link to the article on outcomes of the pilot study: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/30870013/
Link to: Narrative review of yoga intervention clinical trials including weight-related outcomes:


12-week Ayurvedic Weight Loss and Weight Maintenance Program include:

  • an initial 90 minute intake visit
  • 6 follow up visits of 45 minutes each via telehealth
  • online yoga instruction 2x/week for 24 total sessions to support ongoing home practice. No prior yoga exposure necessary.
  • $2,800
  • $2,250 for the whole package for those who participate in data collection (~20% off).

This program is run by Dr. Riux in her private practice.  Please contact her directly for registration, information, booking and any questions at integralayurvedayoga@gmail.com

15 min Video:  Dr. Kogan intervies Dr. Jennifer Rioux explaining Ayurvedic Weight Loss program offered at GWCIM