New Team Member Sally Novak, LCSW Helps Patients With Trauma

Sally Novak is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a licensed acupuncturist who recently joined the GW Center for Integrative Medicine’s team. As an LCSW and a doctor of Oriental medicine, her clinical orientation stems from an integrative and strength based approach. She has also done a tremendous amount of work in the fields of trauma, cognitive decline, addiction and of course working closely with family and all kinds of issues related to mental health.

We are blessed to have Sally on our team as her extensive clinical experience fits perfectly into the deep understanding of how closely connected physical, emotional, and spiritual experiences can be.

Healing Trauma

In a podcast video with Dr. Misha Kogan, Novak speaks of how she became interested in trauma work:

“Most of us who come into this profession do so because of our own healing journeys. I have always been called to trauma work. I married into the military, so I got more than my fair share of opportunity to treat trauma. What was interesting to me and what I didn’t expect in working with active duty service members who had seen combat was that so many of them would actually come to me with childhood trauma. That opened the door for what followed and I started working with trauma more from an addiction standpoint and I became a certified clinical dependency counselor… through that work, I  began to see how childhood trauma, attachment trauma, combat trauma and addictions just were all intertwined.”

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