Yael Flusberg, C-IAYT, E-RYT500, RMT, MS

Integrative Yoga Therapist
Reiki Master, Resilience Coach

Yael Flusberg is a yoga therapist and resilience coach who works with people one-on-one and in groups in both clinical and community-based settings to help people become more courageous and active agents in their personal lives and communities, particularly in the face of transition, trauma and loss.

At GWCIM, Yael’s work with patients integrates somatic, evidence-based and trauma-informed practices which include movement, mindfulness, biofeedback, hands-on Reiki touch and coaching. Her goal is to teach people how to incorporate small but powerful practices into their everyday lives that assist them in retraining their nervous systems and achieving enhanced health outcomes as a result.  She works with a variety of conditions including cancer, chronic and autoimmune conditions, mental health, and healthy aging.

In addition to being a certified yoga therapist and a Reiki Master Teacher, Yael has trained in Compassionate Inquiry®, trauma-informed HeartMath and as an end-of-life Doula.  More information on www.yaelflusberg.com

Since 2005, Yael has taught yoga classes at area hospitals, libraries, workplaces, schools, and yoga studios. As an integrative yoga therapist (E-RYT500) she facilitates both group and individual yoga therapy sessions, working with people dealing with a variety of conditions including cancer, digestive disorders, diabetes, eating disorders, fibromyalgia, hypertension, mental health challenges (including depression, anxiety, grief and trauma), rheumatoid arthritis, scoliosis, and sports injuries.

Yael yoga and reike


“Yael is a compassionate person, teacher, and healer who creates a sacred space of deep trust and belonging. In the energy and coaching work I’ve done with her, she has treated me with encouragement, offered gentle guidance, and made me feel respected, and cared for. Working with her has opened my heart and eyes and has taught me so much about myself and how to make sense of the world. I am so grateful the universe brought her into my life.” – Vicky S.

“I was visiting Washington, D.C. and had a profoundly transformative Reiki session with Yael Flusberg that made me wish I lived close enough to continue working with her!  After my Reiki session with Yael, even though my mind continued to be worried about the everyday stresses of life, my body was simply not reacting to those negative signals, but instead was serene & joyfully at peace.  I will forever remember Yael as the one who first opened the door to my body’s potential for healing.”  – M.M.

“Yael’s teaching style is refreshingly honest, humorous, and fun. Lessons were structured in a way that made them easy to digest; the information on anatomy and yin yoga in particular filled in a gap in my teaching knowledge. Yael’s creative approach to sequencing also invigorated and inspired my teaching at a time when I needed to spice things up and keep my students interested in the ever-unfolding marvel that is yin yoga.” – Fiona Griffin

“Yael’s training was such a wonderful and fruitful experience for me. Yael created a safe space for
learning, exploration, and growth for all teacher trainees. I expected to learn about the yin methodology, but left with such a grander scope of knowledge. We tackled anatomy, the energetic
body, the Chinese Meridians, sequencing, and the elements, and were coached on how to teach these topics in a trauma-sensitive way. To see how Yael can overlap and pull from all of these different systems to create a thoughtful yoga class was quite astonishing, but she also made it approachable through curriculum and group exercises for us to do the same. I've been able to put this training to use teaching weekly Yin classes at a few different settings since graduation. Yael made herself accessible all throughout training, and has been a resource for us all post-graduation, too. I highly recommend this training to anybody with a deep love of yoga and learning. Yael is an incredible wealth of knowledge, and I am so happy to say I am confident teaching Yin. The world needs more stillness!” – Becky Paris