Odontuya Purevsanga, RN, ANP-C, CFMP

Registered Nurse, Healthy Aging Program Coordinator

Before coming to the United States from Mongolia, Odontuya received her medical degree in Germany and practiced at dermatological hospitals in Germany and Mongolia. In the United States, Odontuya obtained her Bachelors in Nursing from George Mason University and Masters in Nursing from George Washington University. She worked as a RN at an oncology office, administering chemotherapy, and educating patients about chemotherapy. As an NP, she worked in home health care, and in a primary care. 

She felt there was something missing when she was providing care for elderly patients; they were taking many medications with some of them just to reduce the side effects of the other medications. She also noticed that the patients she saw on a daily basis were not getting healthier. Short office visits left no time to discuss diet, nutrition or healthy lifestyles. Odontuya experienced these issues during her own health battles, and conventional practitioners prescribed many medications. Looking for another approach she received her certification in functional medicine in 2019. Now she treats the whole person with multidisciplinary approaches that get to the root of a problem. She happily joined the GWCIM where she specializes in geriatric urgent home visits, holds office consultations with the focus on nutrition, and IV infusion treatments.   

She is a member of American Academy of Nurse Practitioners and licensed to practice in the District of Columbia and Virginia. In her spare time, she likes to read mysteries, biographies and travel with her husband and daughter especially back to Mongolia to see her extended family, and her beloved sheep dog Baavgai (Bear in English).