Misty Embrey, MD

Dr. Misty Embrey (https://www.mistyembreymd.com) is a psychiatrist at the Center who approaches mental health with the understanding that the mind, body, and spirit are intimately linked and influence each other, synergistically and bidirectionally. Dr. Embrey brings this approach into every encounter with clients, helping each client identify areas of imbalance in body/mind/spirit as well as lifestyle factors that are excessive or deficient. While using conventional treatments like medications and psychotherapy, Dr. Embrey also employs evidence-based methods such as dietary interventions, mindfulness, yoga, aerobic exercise, and herbs or supplements to support each client in their journey to wellness.
Dr. Embrey has held a lifelong passion for a holistic approach to healing. While in medical school, she traveled to India and China to learn from practitioners of Ayurveda, Homeopathy, and Traditional Chinese Medicine, showcasing her experiences in a documentary entitled “The Healer Within” for which she was awarded the Scholarship in Medical Humanities award from her medical school. During her travels, she learned that our minds/bodies/spirits can work together to support our overall health if we learn to find balance in each of these realms. It is the reason why she continues to seek training to expand her knowledge of therapies and techniques to help her patients – in addition to being a board-certified psychiatrist, she is a certified yoga instructor and has completed courses in MBSR (mindfulness based stress reduction). She currently maintains a daily yoga and meditation practice and embraces the profound impact these practices have had on her own well-being.
Dr. Embrey meets each client where she/he/they are and helps them to utilize their own strengths to restore balance and improve resilience. She helps clients overcome a wide variety of factors that can contribute to psychological stress, including:
-Medical and/or psychiatric conditions
-Nutritional deficiencies and/or excesses
-Deeply ingrained patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that trigger us and pull us
into maladaptive ways of coping with stressors
-Trauma (historical or ongoing)
-Lack of social support
-Interpersonal challenges
-Grief and loss
-Lack of exercise or excessive exercise
-Environmental exposures
-Disrupted sleeping patterns
-Lack of meaning and/or purpose
-A lifestyle misaligned with one’s sense of meaning and purpose
-Disconnection from a higher power (for those who believe in such)
-Avoidance of painful or anxiety provoking experiences
Dr. Embrey provides management of psychiatric illness from a whole person perspective and treats a wide range of psychiatric concerns, including:
-Depressive Disorders
-Anxiety Disorders
-Bipolar Disorders
-Schizophrenia and psychotic disorders
-Personality Disorders
-OCD, Tics, Tourette Syndrome
-PTSD and complex trauma
-Eating Disorders
-Psychiatric sequelae of gender transition and LGBTQ concerns
Dr. Embrey looks forward to working with patients from all backgrounds and cultures. She is currently accepting new adult patients over the age of 18. She will begin seeing children and adolescents in July 2022.
Summary of Training:
Columbia University, 2011
Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience and Behavior
Frank H Netter MD School of Medicine, 2017
Concentration in Medical Humanities
University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics, 2020
Psychiatry Residency
Johns Hopkins Hospital, expected to complete in 2022
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship
American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology: Board Certified as of Dec 2021
Kaivalya Yoga School, Certified 200 Hour Yoga Teacher, Oct 2020
Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction 8 Week Course, 2019