Mara Benner, Corporate Wellness

Mara Benner, Rev, RMT, Corporate Engagement
Mind-Body-Spirit Integrative Executive Coach
Corporate/Business Acumen
Ordained in Interfaith/Interspiritual Minister
Mindfulness Teacher
Reiki Master
Certified Qigong Instructor
Integrative Reflexologist

Mara has a deep passion for supporting individual’s goals to achieve personal and professional success. Her background includes over 25 years in nonprofit, corporate and government relations leadership. Mara led both a national and state non-profit healthcare association. She spent 15 years at the corporate level, reporting to the CEO of a $2 billion national healthcare company. Mara has also been a successful small business entrepreneur as she loves a new challenge for professional growth. Her various roles have helped her understand the importance of performance coaching to manifest positive changes and meet objectives.

While enjoying her career, Mara was on a personal journey to learn how ancient cultures addressed health, wellbeing and wholeness. She had the pleasure to train with Qigong Masters, Reiki Masters, Lakota Native American healers, as well as integrative healthcare professionals. Mara became ordained through a two-year seminary program focused on interfaith-interspiritual practices. Her studies have included modalities such as meditation, mindfulness, reflexology and more.

Mara is currently affiliated with the GW Center for Integrative Medicine and has overseen alternative health offerings at GW Hospital. She believes that Rutgers University’s Dr. Swarbrick’s 8 Dimensions of
evidence-based research is an excellent place to begin a person’s journey.

Corporate and Executive Coaching

Her goal at True North is advocating for a persons and organizations success by emphasizing passions, wellness, wholeness and performance.

True North Executive Coaching combines professional coaching with wellbeing techniques to help you align for success. This unique approach recognizes that our overall wellness is impacted by our careers, and seeks to address both career advancement goals and leadership approaches while also focusing on the whole person for personal happiness, health and wellness. Explore more and seek a complimentary consult with Mara Benner at