Jeffrey Edwards, LMT

Massage Therapy and Tai Chi Chuan


Jeffrey Edwards provides massage therapy and Tai Chi Chuan instruction at the Center for Integrative Medicine. Nationally certified and licensed to practice massage therapy in Virginia and the District of Columbia, Jeffrey has a unique background that serves the medical needs of GWCIM clients.

In the early 1990s Jeffrey studied traditional Chinese acupuncture and Tai Chi Chuan as a full-time apprentice to a master-practitioner of these arts from Taiwan, Grandmaster Dr. Lin Feng-Chao. He also studied Chinese massage (Tui Na and “bone setting therapy”) during the years with his teacher. In 1995, Jeffrey established the first township-based acupuncture clinic in South Africa where he served the healthcare needs of thousands people from the underprivileged communities. Jeffrey has practiced martial arts for more than 30 years, and Tai Chi Chuan for nearly 20 years.

His approach to bodywork and massage therapy is deeply rooted in his understanding of traditional Chinese acupuncture and the daily practice of classical “old school” Tai Chi Chuan. His massage skills were honed during a 4-year stint at a high-profile national spa that caters mostly to women.

This unique combination of knowledge and skill is incorporated in Jeffrey’s work as a massage therapist for the GW Center for Integrative Medicine.

Jeffrey completed undergraduate studies at George Mason University and received a post-graduate diploma from the Center for African Studies at the University of Cape Town, South Africa.  He also worked in television news media (ABC and CBS affiliates in Washington, D.C.) as a writer, production assistant, and triage manager.


“For one year, Mr. Edwards taught a weekly T’ai Chi class at the martial arts dojo where I train.  He was invited to do so by the head of our school, Shihan Carl D. Wilcox, a senior shihan of the Kwanmukan, a prestigious world-wide martial arts organization headed by Hanshi George E. Anderson, one of the leading authorities in the martial arts.  Dr. Wilcox invited Mr. Edwards to teach at his school because he recognized in him a dedicated and skilled martial artist whose T’ai Chi skills evidence many years of disciplined training in that art.
Mr. Edwards trained his class, some of whom were completely without any martial arts experience, with great patience and forbearance, gradually building student confidence and competence in what for all of us, regardless of experience, was a new venture.  I myself have seen a number of T’ai Chi practitioners perform and have witnessed many martial arts demonstrations and competitions. Without a doubt, Mr. Edward’s T’ai Chi is highly developed.  When he would practice with his inexperienced students in our class, each of them could feel that his practice made our easier.  His teaching was inspiring in quiet and subtle ways.
Personally, Mr. Edwards is an open and friendly man, easy to talk to and clearly passionate about his art. He is also a responsible teacher who always met his class according to schedule and treated his students with respect.
I would recommend without reservation Mr. Edwards to anyone wishing to train in T’ai Chi or to undertake a program of physical exercise.”
Mark S. Holland, Ph.D
Department of English, East Tennessee State University