Ajowa Ifateyo, Nutritionist, ReCODE coordinator

Health and Nutrition Coach, ReCODE™ Program Coordinator

Ajowa Ifateyo, MSNIH,  is a health and nutrition coach at GWCIM.

Ajowa is a ReCODE Program Coordinator in the GWCIM. She earned a Master of Science degree in Nutrition and Integrative Health from Maryland University of Integrative Health where she learned about personalized nutrition and food as medicine.

Ajowa is a candidate for becoming a certified nutrition specialist. Integrative Nutritionists work with clients to discover the root causes of whatever issue they may be experiencing – whether it is chronic nutritional deficiencies because of their diet, metals and toxins in their bodies, lifestyle issues, genes that may affect body processes, and/or life histories such as whether they were vaginally born and breastfed which could affect the composition of their microbiome. With this information and lab results, a personalized plan formulated specifically for individuals can be developed to uniquely improve their health.

Ajowa was born and raised in South Florida, and has lived in DC for 30 years.  A life-long explorer of health and nutrition, Ajowa has been a conscious eater of a plant-based diet for 45 years. She loves movement: dancing, yoga, Tai Chi, and hiking. At 62, she participated in her first half marathon (13 miles). In her life, she has worked as a newspaper reporter, and an organizer in the movement for more economic and lifestyle cooperation for 20 years and earned master’s degrees in Community Economic Development and Business Administration.

She loves cooking and eating with friends, and believes that tasty, healthy food is the heart of life and culture. It is her dream to unite health and nutrition with the practices of cooperation so that everyone in society might have clean healthy food, more involvement with people in our communities, more access to the Earth’s gifts of herbs and sea vegetables, as well as more exposure to alternative and complementary practices such as acupuncture, yoga, tai chi, massage and other practices that enhance individual health, skills and power, and which honor cultural practices.

Also known as “AJ,” Ajowa has a special place in her heart for dementia care. She gained first- hand as a care partner for her mother who had cognitive issues, as well as learning from other extraordinary caregivers in two IONA care partner support groups and Sibley Hospital’s Club Memory, and their committed support staff. Ajowa also strives to use “trauma informed” practices in her work as so many of us are living with unacknowledged, ongoing or unresolved traumas which affect our diets, relationships and lifestyles. She hopes her nutrition work and passion for cooperation will help to create a healthier world, with millions of individual manifestations of joy.