NAD+ Injectable for aging and diseases

NAD+ Injectable Solution can be likened to “liquid energy.” Every cell in our body produces it as a result of the normal Krebs Cycle—the most fundamental mitochondrial function responsible for generating energy for all activities in our lives. However, as we age, NAD production steadily declines. Many aging researchers agree that all “aging roads” lead to mitochondria, making the health of this essential energy house in our body critically important. Injectable NAD+ is one way to support optimal mitochondrial function.

Aside from promoting healthy aging, NAD+ holds promise as a treatment for various age-related conditions such as frailty, muscle mass loss, cognitive decline, Parkinson’s disease, and others. Patients with chronic fatigue, particularly those with Long COVID, should also consider trying NAD+, especially when functional medicine testing or clinical assessment suspects poor mitochondrial function. Additionally, NAD+ injections are commonly used for addictions to boost energy and aid in overcoming dependence on substances.

At GWCIM, we have been administering NAD+ infusions since 2018. Now, we offer injections at a much lower cost and shorter duration, providing an option for patients who may find infusions impractical.

Watch a short video where Dr. Kogan explains how we train you to administer NAD+ injections.


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