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Medical news GWCIM: Experts on Long Covid, cannabis, mold toxicity, Alzheimer’s disease, Psilocybin and other important public health topic on GWCIM Virtual Open Houses Events.

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July 2023: Cognitive Decline

ReCODE (TM) Virtual Open House.  Dr. Kogan and experts in the field of mental health will discussed cognitive decline prevention and reversal with questions, comments, answers.  Watch the recorded open house.



Past Open House Recordings:

March 25th, 2023

Topic: CBDV – Cannabidivarin, therapeutic use


February, 2023

GWCIM Long COVID Virtual Open House

Medical groups and classes: what is there for you? GWCIM Open House, September 2022

What is CBG Cannabigerol? GWCIM Open House. August, 2022.

GWCIM Long COVID Recovery Clinic Virtual Open House. July, 2022.

Food Quality

Psilocybin and Alzheimer’s Disease

Food, Mood, Mold, Brain and Memory

Medical News GW CIM: What is the Future of medicine for older adults? Talk at Washington Area Villages Exchange, Wave

For a little preview and to learn more about Ashley’s personal journey with Long COVID please watch recently recorded youtube video:



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