“Integrative Geriatric Medicine” textbook

Edited by Dr. Mikhail Kogan and published by Oxford University Press in late 2017, this definitive textbook in Dr. Andrew Weil series offers a comprehensive exploration of integrative approaches to promoting health and well-being in older adults.

Book Overview:

“Integrative Geriatrics” is the first definitive textbook in the field, providing a wealth of information for healthcare practitioners and individuals interested in Integrative Medicine and holistic approaches to aging. Dr. Kogan and his colleagues expertly navigate through various aspects of geriatric care, offering practical strategies for managing common clinical conditions and enhancing quality of life in older adults.


Here’s what readers are saying about “Integrative Geriatrics: A Holistic Approach to Aging Well”:

  • “An invaluable resource for healthcare providers and caregivers alike! Integrative Geriatrics offers a refreshing perspective on aging that emphasizes treating the whole person.”

  • “As a geriatric nurse practitioner, I found this book incredibly informative and practical. A must-read for anyone in the field of geriatrics!”

  • “Finally, a comprehensive guide to integrative care for the aging population! Integrative Geriatrics provides practical strategies and evidence-based recommendations for promoting vitality and well-being in older adults.”

Upcoming Release:

Exciting news! Dr. Kogan is currently working on a shorter version of “Integrative Geriatrics” to make the invaluable insights and strategies accessible to a wider audience. Stay tuned for updates on the release of this edition, designed to empower both patients and practitioners with essential knowledge for optimal aging.

You can also purchase autographed book at the clinic or by directly contacting us at info@gwcim.com 


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