Dear Patients,

We are following the COVID-19 status closely.

We recommend for all updates and local information that you follow the GW University specially created website, or the CDC main website, or the DC Department of Health special website.

For general transmission prevention, read this link from GWU:

The virus spreads mostly via large droplets. This means that most spread occurs from touching contaminated surfaces and not from directly inhaling air containing virus. Wear a mask of any kind as a measure to avoid touching your nose or mouth. Keep in mind that masks will not prevent transmission from hand-to-eye, for example.

Additionally, we recommend that you use disposable medical gloves whenever at risk of transmission. This means anytime you go to any public place. Dispose each pair of gloves before re-entering your home, touching yourself or handling food. Clean all surfaces you frequently touch outside of your house such as inside your car with disinfectant wipes or solutions after each use. And of course minimize any non essential exposures, including door handles, public countertops, etc. Be aware of cell phone contact with these surfaces as well, to prevent transmission from surfaces to cell phones to your own skin/mucus membranes.

While GWCIM is not able to handle cases of acute illness due to the strict requirement for isolation, we would like to inform you about some of the general ideas we recommend for prophylaxis and strengthening of your immune system. We hope this is helpful to cope in this time of uncertainty.

1) Stay Positive: keep returning to your breath and keep coming focus on positive emotions. Spending time with your family and enjoying moments together is a way to not only strengthen your immune system but also minimize spending time in the public. When you contact your friends and relatives, start with a positive message to avoid fueling the panic. Attempt to ground and comfort yourself and those around you.

2) Concentrate on general health as much as possible. This means assure the appropriate amount of sleep by following a regular schedule. Assure that your diet is optimized for you. If you feel you need help we are ready to start doing immediate 30 min video consults to give you specific ideas.

3) Begin additional strengthening of your immune system. The following steps are what we compiled to be the most evidenced, accessible, and with minimal side effects:

– If you adapt to cold temperatures, consider a daily 3 min cold shower. At this time of year in our region tap water is cold enough and cold water training is one of the best ways to strengthen the immune system. If you have never done this before, be gentle and start with cold water for just 15-30 seconds after each shower. You can also alternate cold and hot water for 3-4 cycles of 30 seconds each.

– Warming socks treatment is a simple, beneficial immune support that is great for adults or children and can be done at home.

– Dr. Orceyre’s Anti-viral tincture (purchased from CIM, we have in stock) – 3 dropperfuls 2-3x/d or more with acute symptoms. For a complete list of supportive herbs for viral infections one can visit this online resource. Another homemade option using grocery store ingredients is this Fire Cider recipe.

– This list of supplements may be purchased from Fullscript, Emerson Ecologics, Natural Partners or similar distributors. Please know that we don’t recommend you use everything on this list, but we want you to have options. If you need guidance on individualizing your plan, please schedule a consult asap through our front desk.

Zinc lozenges or liquid Zinc 5-15mg twice daily. Dissolve in mouth/throat for contact with respiratory tissues where virus may attach

On Guard beadlets (Doterra) – similar to zinc lozenges, these contact respiratory tissues when chewed and “swished” in mouth/throat area. Young Living also makes their Thieves blend which is anti-microbial.

Super Biovegetarian (Priority One) – 2-3 tablets 3-6x/d, less for prevention

My Community Mushrooms liquid extract by Host Defense 2 dropperfuls twice daily

ViraThera CF by Klaire 1 capsule twice daily or similar.

Elderberry tincture or syrup standard dose twice daily.

Allclear (ITI) chewable quercetin lozenges for mucus congestion in lungs/sinuses

Histaquel (Researched Nutritionals) – 2 capsules 2x/d

As many distributors are backorder with this sudden demand, we have partnered with a professional quality Nutraceutical Company, Perque, to provide our patients an Immune Support Bundle (or zinc lozenges only) shipped directly to your home. Perque did inform us that they are not expected to run out of Zinc Lozenges for our patients. Please download or print attached page and place the order directly to Perque by phone call or fax.

4) As there are no medical interventions at this time known to be effective for shortening the disease or lessening its symptoms, we have decided to offer all our patients the only evidenced approach that has been heavily used in China, Intravenous Vitamin C. For those patients who are especially concerned about the situation, we offer twice weekly infusions at our regular cost.

Please note that we will screen everyone scheduling an appointment for any reason in person at the center. If you do have a fever, cough, have been in contact with a known COVID-19 patient, or have traveled outside of US to any of the following countries: China, Iran, Italy, Japan, or South Korea, please stay at home, avoid contact with others, and contact us immediately so that we can assist you in letting you know how to appropriately handle your case. 

We all wish you to be safe, and be assured we are here for you if you need us.


Staff and providers of GW Center for Integrative Medicine.

Mikhail Kogan, MD, medical director

Deirdre Orceyre, ND, MSOM, LAc, naturopathic medical director 



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