Dr. Mikhail Kogan, Top Doctor in Washington, D.C. 

Photo of Dr. Mikhail Kogan GWCIM medical director.
Dr. Mikhail Kogan

Dr. Mikhail Kogan was named as one of Washington D.C.’s top doctors by The Washingtonian magazine. Dr. Kogan, author of a highly acclaimed book “Medical Marijuana: Dr. Kogan’s Evidence-Based Guide to the Health Benefits of Cannabis and CBD” also serves as as medical director of the GW Center for Integrative Medicine.

Dr. Kogan provides innovative and effective treatments with minimal use of invasive procedures or heavy reliance on medications. He is especially dedicated to helping patients with Alzheimer’s disease. Dr. Kogan practices Geriatric and Integrative Medicine in a variety of settings: at the George Washington Hospital, at the GW Center for Integrative medicine, and serving patients via home visits.

GW Center for Integrative Medicine is one of only 29 integrative medicine centers in the United States. GW Center effectively combines conventional and evidence-based complementary and alternative modalities and for 25 years has fostered close collaboration with the George Washington University Medical Center’s physicians in most subspecialties.

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Founded in 1965, Washingtonian is the areas top source on information for dining, shopping, entertainment, and personalities. It has been Washington, D.C.’s trusted guide for living, working, and playing for more than five decades. Annually they award top recognition to specialists in the Washington, D.C. area.

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For more information about Dr. Kogan and his services, contact GW Center for Integrative Medicine.