Wellness and Prevention

As a medical clinic, our purpose is to treat our patients, however, the bulk of what we do is striving to optimize patients’ wellbeing, and to prevent health problems and complications of the existing conditions. The concept of wellness does not fit into the current medical system. There is no insurance reimbursement for it. Many doctors don’t believe that enhancing wellness has a preventive effect, and our current medical system does not endorse the notion that wellness plays a key role in the overall health and medical care. We can’t disagree more. From our 10+ years of experience we have found that “bringing” wellness into just one aspect of patients’ lives often sets a path to healing and cure for many chronically ill patients. This is not easy to describe unless you or your loved one went through it. Often patients don’t feel that they can ever get better. Their attitude changes when we offer them treatment that leads to an improved wellbeing. As a result, they take greater control over their illnesses. They begin to modify their lifestyle and ultimately move to a much healthier place in life, even if a cure is not possible.

It is our practice to always address wellness with all our patients during regular visits. We also offer the following wellness Treatment Programs:

In addition, the Center offers the following wellness promoting modalities:

Complete your personal CIM Wellness Wheel to begin thinking about your personal wellness!

Instructions: For each part, write what you think contributes to your personal wellness. If a given domain is lacking from your life, this is your opportunity to think what and how you can integrate into your life to optimize your wellness. We believe that this wheel represents up to 90% of your health and wellness, while the medicine and all other interventions amount to only 10%. Feel free to keep updating the wheel as your progress on your healing path.

We are not the only ones who think that improved wellbeing can lead to better health. The following national organizations share our views:

National Wellness Institute

Wellness Council of America

Moreover, even some politicians have recognized the critical value of wellness.

Learn about  Senator Tom Harkin’s legislative efforts on wellness.

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