We strive to make our Center a true primary care medical home.  “The patient-centered medical home—one of modern health care’s most important innovations—is a model of care that emphasizes care coordination and communication to transform primary care into “what patients want it to be”, according to the National Committee for Quality Assurance. While current primary care model is based on “medicating” most of chronic medical conditions without addressing the cause, we offer an alternative.  All our methods are centered around identifying and treating the cause of a patient’s problems.  In addition, during the past  15 years we have developed clinically effective way of implementing truly preventive programs to maintain patients’ health.

The detailed list of conditions we treat is by no means complete, but rather is a comprehensive example of the conditions for which  we found integrative approaches to be effective.   We do address a variety of acute medical problems in a holistic way and with minimal use of medications. However, we value the effectiveness of conventional medicine in addressing many acute medical problems and work closely with the George Washington University Medical Faculty Associates and the GW Hospital to assure that our patients have quick and easy access to lifesaving services.

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