Dr. Kogan is featured on Science Friday

Dr. Kogan is trying to bring the use of Medical Marijuana into the mainstream, and he was featured by Science Friday discussing how he wants to help others become more informed so that people can safely and confidently use Medical Marijuana to treat their medial issues and better their lives.

Mbsr free orientation


The GW Center for Integrative Medicine welcomes the following new providers to our team! Misty Embrey, MD is an Integrative Psychiatrist and Psychologist.  BIO. Ashley Drapeau, PA, L.Ac. is a Physician Assistant and Acupuncturist. BIO Odontuya Purevsanga, RN is a Nurse Practitioner, BIO Sharon DeMoker, MD is an Integrative Functional Medicine Physician. BIO. Jennifer Rioux, …

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GW CIM leaders D. Misha Kogan and Dr. Orceire awarded a research grant

GW CIM leaders D. Misha Kogan and Dr. Orceire awarded a research grant

In August 2020, due to the generosity of BUCK (The BUCK Cancer Foundation is focused on Bridging & Uniting Cancer Knowledge) supporters, the nonprofit’s board approved a $5,000 medical research grant for a mercury toxicity study.  This small open label trial will include 20 prostate and breast cancer patients and directed by GW CIM leaders D. Misha Kogan and …

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The gwcim nirmal goyal cancer fund (1)

Glad to announce: The GWCIM Nirmal Goyal Cancer Fund

GWCIM and the Goyal family are pleased to announce the establishment of The GWCIM Nirmal Goyal Cancer Fund. In honor of Nirmal’s remarkable life journey and in gratitude for her doctor Dr. Mikhail Kogan, all cancer and terminally ill patients seen by Dr. Kogan will be eligible for a small discount for every visit. Current …

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ReCode protocol at GWCIM update

COVID19 update – Dr. Kogan and his team at GWCIM offer most of the ReCode program (The Dr. Bredesen protocol™ and the ReCode Protocol™ via TeleHealth to new and existing patients.     Our adjustments during Covid19: telemedicine consultations a number of key labs are done by either mobile phlebotomy or as home collection kits shipped …

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GWCIM information on Covid19 considerations

Dear Patients, We are following the COVID-19 status closely. As you are all probably aware, there are now 3 confirmed cases in Montgomery County, Maryland and the situation with this virus is rapidly evolving. We recommend for all updates and local information that you follow the GW University specially created website, or the CDC main …

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Mindfulness And Healing

weekly session: A Mindfulness Experience

We all need healing and support. Together we can manage our heightened stress levels and nourish our sense of community. Register for Free weekly sessions organized by GWU Office of Integrative Medicine and Health and AIM Health Institute HERE A Mindfulness Experience weekly session starts with a short talk on COVID-19, a Q&A, and then 30 …

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Intravenous Therapies: Phosphatidylcholine

Using Vitamin C to fight COVID-19 | FOX 5 DC Video

Dr. Mikhail Kogan, medical director of the GW Center for Integrative Medicine in Washington D.C., joined Fox 5 to discuss research into using Vitamin C to fight COVID-19. He discusses multiple options, including Vitamin C infusions and Vitamin C in general. Visit the link below to watch the video and to read the full article: …

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