Long covid group sessions

Long Covid Virtual Groups Sessions

8 Weeks About Long COVID Groups These groups are meant to be a safe space where participants suffering from Long COVID can get evidence-based integrative medicine advice/information. A place to form a community of supportive peers to walk along this journey together.

Mbsr fall 2022

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR):  Learn to Manage Everyday Stress, Chronic Pain, and Illness More Effectively 

Note: There are two MBSR courses offered in Fall 2022 taught by two teachers, Nina Paul and Cynthia Powell. Choose and register for one. Join us for on of two 8-week workshops taught online by Nina Paul (on Wednesday evenings) or Cynthia Powell (on Sunday afternoons) through the GW Center For Integrative Medicine. Participants will meet  for 2.5 hours …

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Half-Day Mindfulness Retreat August 27th via Zoom

The half-day mindfulness meditation retreat provides a valuable opportunity to get a taste of the practices that are offered in the world-renowned 8 week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program. In the retreat, you will have an opportunity to strengthen your personal mindfulness practice and continue integrating the practices of choice into your daily life. You …

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New: Mind-Body-Spirit Executive Coaching with Mara Benner

GW Center for Integrative Medicine offer Mind-Body-Spirit Executive Coaching with Mara Benner Mind-Body-Spirit Executive Coach: There is tremendous inner power, strength and clarity within you.  Yet rarely does our culture help you connect with that inner limitless potential to support your journey – whether through health, career, relationships or spiritually.   Your creativity and healing capabilities often get lost …

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