Our Guiding Principles

The Center for Integrative Medicine at the George Washington University Medical Center is dedicated to creating a healing environment in which patients have access to medical doctors and a variety of complementary and alternative therapies to promote healing and wellness.

At the Center, we provide:

  • A health care program based in science and tradition where the patient is treated as a whole person and respected as an individual.
  • Personal empowerment and responsibility in order to attain optimal health.
  • A care plan tailored to fit individual needs and honoring the personal healing process.

To assure the highest standards of practice, the Center for Integrative Medicine employs highly trained practitioners who are licensed, certified and credentialed in their specialty.

The Center also plays an integral role in the research and education missions of the George Washington University Medical Center.

Our team of  highly experienced and dedicated professionals can help you with the following conditions:

  • Aging Diseases: dementias and Parkinson’s
  • Autoimmune conditions and allergies
  • Cancer: active disease and cancer survivors
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Chronic fatigue and pain syndromes
  • Gastrointestinal conditions
  • Mental health, including stress management
  •  Women’s health

(See the full list of our services here: https://gwcim.com/wp22/patient-care/services/)

Our  clinic  effectively combines conventional and evidence-based complementary and alternative modalities and has fostered many years of close collaboration with the George Washington University Medical Center’s physicians in most subspecialties.

Our clinicians spend generous amounts of time with you to get to know you and to learn how your condition affects your life.

Are you ready to look into optimizing your lifestyle to achieve your optimal health? Are you courageous enough to say “Getting better is my responsibility”?

We are looking forward to becoming the team that will guide you on the healing journey.


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